Τhe current research project spans over a 36-month duration and over 7 carefully designed and defined work packages, as follows:

  • WP1 dedicated to coordination, administration and financial monitoring of the project
  • WP2 dedicated to collection of bibliography, literature review, determination-refining of the research methodology, and team members’ training
  • WP3 dedicated to collection and investigation of available primary data sources and detection/selection of phenomena according to the objectives
  • WP4 dedicated to classification and processing of the collected data and the structural design and development of the dialectal maps and the dialectal dictionary
  • WP5 dedicated to implementation of the dialectal atlas and the dictionary
  • WP6 dedicated to control activities
  • WP7 dedicated to publicity and dissemination of results

Each work package will rely on intensive team work and on the growing experience of the research team in language documentation and linguistic analysis.